Number One Bestseller – in both UK and USA

‘Secrets of the Last Nazi’ has now become a NUMBER ONE bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic.

Buy Now at Amazon UK
Buy it at Amazon UK

In Britain, it has become the best-selling spy story.  Facing impressive competition from established authors – including John Le Carré, Ken Follett, Chris Ryan and Wilbur Smith – the book has topped the UK Amazon rankings for both spy stories and espionage.  It has also reached the number two position for international mystery and crime, and may reach the top spot in that category soon.

Meanwhile, in the USA, the book has become the number one new release in its fiction category.  Americans browsing the Amazon website now see an orange flag beneath the five star customer reviews for the book to note its special status.

Big Orange FlagThank you to everybody who has written so many wonderful five star reviews on both the US and UK Amazon sites.  Please keep telling your friends how much you liked the book.  This success has come from your words.



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