First Reviews of ‘Secrets of the Last Nazi’

‘Secrets of the Last Nazi’ was sent to a few early reviewers.  This is what they said:

Was just telling how fucking AMAZING ur book is!  Excuse my language!  I’m THAT IMPRESSED”!  ‘IAIN SCORES! Dan Brown: Iain King = 0: 1.’ Will I be sued for this? – @ThisChickReads via Twitter.

David Boyle
David Boyle

Iain King has come up with a thrilling plot and an ingenious idea that has the possibility to turn everyone’s ideas upside down and back to front.

David Boyle, journalist and author.

Five Stars

A fabulous thriller that puts Dan Brown to shame, this wonderfully researched, amazing tale has you double guessing what you know, turning what you’ve always believed on its head. Brilliant and fast paced, I could not put this book down. An accomplished and assured debut, this is a book that will stay with me for a while. I’ll definitely be recommending it to everyone. Myles Munro is a compelling hero and I for one can’t wait for the next Myles Munro tale.

Renita D’Silva via

This book is a definite page-turner.  This is an entertaining read with strong characters. I would definitely read more in the series as I do enjoy fiction centred around the Second World War.  This book is due for release on 9th July 2015.

Literary review blogger @Ajoobacats.

Sam Kiley,  Sky News
Sam Kiley, Sky News

This is a remarkable and chilling book – a clever blend of addictive fiction and astonishing revelation.

– Sam Kiley, Sky News and author of Desperate Glory

I was bowled over by this book. Absolutely amazing.  Can’t wait for the next.  It is fabulous. Turns everything you have believed on its head.  – Author Renita D’Silva, interview quote.

Five StarsGreat conspiracy thriller, just the sort of book I like. The whole story is based on a fascinating premise and backed up convincingly throughout.  A good pace all the way through, building up and racing to an exciting finish.  Would recommend to anyone who likes Scott Mariani, Dan Brown type thrillers. I will definitely look out for more books by this author.

NetGalley, book review website.

Five StarsI am very impressed with this book. It had a little of everything mystery and action betrayal. What a wonderful surprise and one I would recommend. – Sean Talbot, Canada, via

Terry S pic
Terry Stiastny

A modern-day treasure hunt with an intriguing historical premise, which races across Europe. – Terry Stiastny, award-winning author of Acts and Omissions

One of the BIGGEST & NICEST surprises when it comes to books I’ve read so far. Secrets of the Last Nazi pub’d by @bookouture.  AH-MAZING! – @ThisChickReads via Twitter.

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