‘Last Prophecy of Rome’ – It’s Here!

ElectrifyingLast Prophecy of Rome – the gripping, addictive, action-packed thriller – is now available to download onto your Kindle or other e-reading device!  The first pre-orders downloaded at 00:11 GMT today.  Now you can get your own copy in less than a minute.

Click here to download from Amazon (UK)


Click here to download from Amazon (US)

Advanced copies were given out to independent reviewers.  Here’s what they wrote:

“…incredibly entertaining and keeping you turning the pages. I loved getting to know Myles Munro even more in this book, and admire the way the author skillfully works the plot …. All the characters are so real and believable and I was reading each page with a real sense of terror and tension.  An amazing read from an incredibly talented author.” (From Renita, on Goodreads)

“The main theme contained within the book is pretty pertinent and quite controversial but Mr King has tackled it very sensitively indeed, giving me as a reader quite a bit to think about.” (from Kath, on Goodreads)

“Iain King has done it again. The Last Prophecy of Rome was amazingly insightful dealing with history and current day events…. a thoroughly enjoyable book.” (from Sean, on Goodreads)

Last-Prophecy-of-Rome-A-gripping-action-packed-conspiracy-thriller-Kindle“I was completely hooked on this book within the first few pages and found myself reading oblivious. The plot is ingenious and contemporary, but weaving in some fascinating ideas about the reasons for the decline and fall of Rome. That’s the reason I thoroughly enjoyed this book – it is one of those rare things: a compelling thriller that also makes you think.” (from David, on Goodreads)

So far, every single review has awarded the book five stars out of five.  These reviews and more are available on the Goodreads website.

So – find out why everybody’s so excited – get the book now!


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